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Hetalia Sales Post

  • Before ordering, please read and agree to the [ Terms of Service ] for ordering and shipping information!

  • When ready to order, please send the following in a comment:

    -Item Title(s):

    I will email you an invoice with the total shipping and items for you to double check before finalizing.


Title: Je'Taime
Rating: PG13
Artist: Various (See back cover)
Size/Pages: B5/ 60+P
Pair: France * Canada
Includes: 5 Colour Pages+Novel
$15 (Shipping included)

BACK 1 | BACK 2 | FOLD 1 | FOLD 2
Title: Maple Assort 1 + 2
Rating: PG13
Artist: MANY
Size/Pages: A5/ 50+P EACH
Pair: France * Canada
$20 For the set! (Shipping Included)


Tags: doujinshi sale

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